Valentine’s day desserts: Italian chocolate recipes to finish a special date

07 Feb 2020
Valentine’s day desserts: Italian chocolate recipes to finish a special date

Valentine’s day is only 7 days away. If you’re celebrating the day at home, it is time to not only plan your Valentine’s Day meal ideas, but make sure you have the best Valentine’s Day desserts to end on a high note. Chocolate and strawberries are traditional sweet Valentine’s Day treats and 2020 is the year to make a home-made chocolate dessert. Nothing says I love you quite like a home cooked meal and what could be better than an indulgent chocolate dessert for you and your Valentine? This blog will share Valentine’s day desserts which will be the perfect finish to the special day. Try Italian Spoon’s valentine cookies recipe, traditional dark chocolate coated strawberries, simple Nutella crepes, a romantic twist with Salami di cioccolato (Chocolate salami) through to our show stopping and best chocolate cake recipe – a Red Wine Chocolate cake, we’ve got everything you need to make your Valentine’s day extra special.

Why chocolate dessert recipes for Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s Day, known as San Valentino in Italy (Saint Valentine’s Day), is celebrated annually on the 14 February. It is a very old tradition to celebrate this day of romance which originated as a Roman festival in the year 496. The question is, why the connection between Valentine’s Day and chocolate? It’s simple! Chocolate is decadent and irresistible, a real symbol of seduction and indulgence. Chocolate is one of the most popular flavours in the world. So much so that Valentine’s Day, Easter and let’s throw in winter as well, would not be complete without it. You may be thinking that there is not a lot of foods that can bring the same level of happiness as chocolate and certainly the aroma of a freshly baked chocolate dessert is hard to beat, but then there is Nutella. On the 5 February, we celebrated World Nutella Day with the Top 5 Nutella recipes.

Which Valentine’s day desserts to cook in 2020?

To the chocolate lovers out there, there is one recipe you should always have up your sleeve and that is a good chocolate cake recipe. Savoury inspired chocolate recipes are a popular trend for 2020 and our Red wine chocolate cake is not only a sensational showstopper, but the dessert of your dreams! Alternatively, our Pear and chocolate cake is made with juicy spiced pears to make a moist, rich and indulgent chocolate cake which is a winner every time. Try our simple Love Biscuits (Biscotti d’amore) or Dark chocolate coated strawberries. You could even serve strawberries coated in a selection of dark, milk and white chocolate for that extra wow factor. If you are looking to give your Valentine’s day dessert a twist, try our Chocolate salami, a clever Italian dessert that looks like a salami but tastes like chocolate heaven and is so easy to make. The world’s demand for Nutella recipes is growing – try our Nutella crepes, Nutella roulade or Nutella tart recipes today.

It really doesn’t matter if you have a Valentine in 2020 or not as these chocolate desserts induce sensations as pleasurable as falling in love.

1. The world’s best Red Wine Chocolate CakeTorta di pera e cioccolato (pear and chocolate)1. Red wine chocolate cake
2. Torta di pera e cioccolato (pear and chocolate)





3. Dark chocolate coated strawberries

4. Love biscuits (biscotti d’amore)





Salami di cioccolato (chocolate salami)Nutella crepes5. Chocolate salami
6. Nutella crepes





Rotolo alla NutellaCrostata alla Nutella (Nutella tart)7. Nutella roulade
8. Nutella tart







X Happy Cooking and Valentine’s Day from Italian Spoon

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