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Vanessa Bottaro

Author, Founder and Creative Director at Italian Spoon
In my eyes, Italian cuisine is love on a plate.

Vanessa is Creative Director of the Italian Spoon website and Author of The Italian entertaining cookbook, a collection of home-style Italian recipes and tips for entertaining in true Italian-style. In addition to cooking and taking photographs, Vanessa writes the recipes and blogs to bring the love of Italian cooking to life! The collection of recipes and blogs on the website have been inspired by travels to Italy and desire to share what she has learnt from the great ‘Mamma’s and ‘Nonna’s in her life!

Vanessa is an entrepreneur and wife to husband Simone and the mother of two beautiful kids Dante and Mia. Even so she was born and lives in Melbourne Australia, Vanessa has a deep connection to Italy. Perhaps it is the food, or maybe it is because it is the place where Vanessa met the love of her life, Simone to whom she has been happily married for so many years.
Vanessa Bottaro

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Italian Poultry & Game Dishes – Chicken Recipes & More

Italian Spoon is an online community for food-lovers to discover and try amazing Italian recipes. Our platform gives users access to hundreds of new and traditional recipes that celebrate the beauty of Italy’s infamous food. Explore our website to discover new dishes to try, including delicious Italian chicken recipes that will leave you wanting more.

We’ve handpicked some of the best poultry and game dishes for users to experiment with. With step by step guides for Italian chicken dishes and other delicious meals, we can help you improve your Italian cooking skills, prepare for an upcoming family event, or find new favourite recipes to incorporate into your repertoire. Whether you’re looking for the perfect chicken cacciatore recipe or you just want to find new chicken meals, Italian Spoon is the place to do it.

Authentic Italian Chicken Recipes

For Italian chicken recipes of any kind, Italian Spoon offers amazing appetisers, main meals and side dishes to experiment with in your own kitchen. Perfect for entertaining guests, enjoying a quiet dinner at home with a glass of vino, or just for culinary fun, our range of poultry and game recipes is extensive.

On top of our growing list of amazing recipes, we’ve also established a handy meal planning tool that allows users to save the recipes they want to try out. You can even generate a convenient shopping list to take with you on your next trip to the supermarket! Whether you want to try a chicken cacciatore recipe or another Italian chicken dish, it’s never been easier.

Explore our growing range of new and traditional recipes and indulge in some of Italy’s most delicious poultry and game dishes. Buon Appetito!

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