If you’re wondering how to make pizza dough that could pass as authentic as the pizza in Naples, Italian Spoon holds the answers. We have step-by-step guides on how to nail the perfect ciabatta, bruschetta and pizza in a range of flavours and types.

Vanessa Bottaro

Founder and Owner at Italian Spoon
What is second best thing to being in beautiful Italy? Cooking and writing about Italian food, of course!

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband Simone and two children. They are my first love! Italian Spoon brings my second love for cooking Italian food and blogging to life and I am loving it!

I hope to inspire you to continue the tradition of Italian home cooking. Buon appetito!
Vanessa Bottaro

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Traditional Italian Bread and Pizza Recipes

Italian Spoon is an online community that allows food lovers to explore all things Italian cuisine. We love Italy’s culture, and our appreciation is reflected in our carefully picked step-by-step recipes and guides. Want to know how to make pizza from scratch? Looking for your new favourite Italian pizza recipe? Italian Spoon is home to it all.

How to Make Pizza Dough and Bread (The Italian Way)

Every recipe featured on Italian spoon is authentically Italian. Whether you’re looking for an Italian bread recipe or a guide for making homemade pizza dough, our recipes celebrate the art and passion of Italian culinary. We pride ourselves on providing visitors with quick and easy recipe options that make it easy to learn the Italian craft in your own home.

If you’re searching for best pizza dough recipe or your new go-to Italian pizza recipe to stick on the fridge, look through our recipes today. We’re also consistently updating and contributing new, mouth-watering recipes that are cost-effective and time-effective.

Enjoy Every Meal with Italian Spoon

At Italian Spoon, we hope to reflect our love for Italian cuisine through each and every one of our online recipes. Our quick and easy recipes and guides never compromise on taste or quality, leaving you with nothing but delicious bread and pizza dishes to share with family and friends.

Our Italian pizza and bread recipes include options for any level of cooking ability as well as a number of entertaining purposes. Plus don’t forget to use our meal planning tool to store away your recipes and generate a convenient shopping list!

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