Explore Our Traditional Italian Recipes.

Italian Spoon’s passion for traditional Italian food gives you the opportunity to taste the best authentic Italian recipes. Browse through our blogs to learn more about the Italian heritage, or search our website to discover a wide range of delicious recipes.

Our recipes include pasta, risotto, seafood, soup, fish, meat and dessert dishes, all curated and written by Italian Spoon. We also have an extensive range of children’s recipes as well as traditional Italian recipes for holidays that the whole family can enjoy. At Italian Spoon, we pride ourselves on the fact that we’re the keepers of the most treasured traditions passed on by our Mama’s and Nonna’s – and we’re dedicated to keeping these traditions alive.

We understand how hard it is sometimes to stay organised while cooking healthy, delicious meals for your family, not to mention coming up with new ideas for special occasions. That’s why we created Italian Spoon, a site where you can easily save your favourite traditional Italian recipes and add them to your shopping list. All you need to do is register for free and start cooking!

Come join our family and keep up to date with our latest Italian cuisine recipes, as well as fun tips and tricks for the holiday season and special occasions.

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