Truffle pasta to celebrate Truffle season

16 Jul 2021
Truffle pasta to celebrate Truffle season

Black or white with a marbled interior, truffle is rare, aromatic and enhances every dish it touches. It’s Truffle season here in Melbourne Australia and we could not resist attending the Truffle Melbourne festival last weekend at the Queen Victoria Market to buy this underground treasure. It marked the end of the school holidays here in Victoria when there is always a little extra expense however well worth it. Read our blog for recipes to use delicious truffle and more.

Why do truffles taste so good?

Truffles are the most prestigious type of fungus and precious fruit of the forest. Why do truffles taste so good? Firstly, there is something incredibly special about the fact that Truffles grow only in locations with the perfect temperatures (hot summers and cold winters). The soil characteristics need to be just right, that is free-draining soil with a high pH (7.5 -8.3) among the roots of trees (including but not limited to oak, chestnut or hazelnuts). It takes anywhere from 6 to 10 years to produce commercial quantities of Truffle. It is also a hidden underground treasure that requires the nose of dogs trained to recognize its characteristic smell to harvest it. Pigs are apparently more efficient at spotting truffle however given they also love to eat truffles, they are not a popular choice when it comes time to harvest. While mushrooms can be grown and served raw, sauteed, baked or grilled, Truffle is the kind of ingredient where less is more in terms of effort and other ingredients to serve it with. It shines with the simplest preparation and only requires a few grams per plate to provide aroma and flavour. Truffle is best combined with ingredients that will not overpower its delicate flavour as let’s face it, the Truffle needs to take centre stage. It also pairs well with herbs and autumn ingredients like mushrooms and chestnuts.

Truffle recipes

Before we reveal our Truffle recipe, I just wanted to highlight that Truffle should always be used raw and cut into very thin slices using a truffle slicer which enhances its intense flavour. If you don’t have one, buy a Truffle slicer on the Amazon website. They also sell truffle-based products to get the delight of truffle all year long, including when it is not in season. Buy a Truffle slicer from Amazon US or Amazon Australia and get your Truffle on today! If you live in Australia, now is the best time to enjoy this prestigious ingredient. Get your Truffle slicer out…. these recipes using delicious truffle are irresistable! Truffle pastaTruffle pasta   Truffle mushroom pastaTruffle mushroom pasta   Happy cooking X

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