Top 10 Italian cake recipes

30 Oct 2020
Top 10 Italian cake recipes

I love the smell of a freshly baked cake that diffuses throughout the home. They are the perfect accompaniment to a coffee or tea and a great to share with the people with love.

In Australia, we are half way though spring. We are starting to see beautiful days (even here in Melbourne, except for this past week) and the weather is getting warmer. We are starting to wear lighter clothing, the trees are starting to blossom, and new fruit has arrived on our tables. The secret of great Italian food in general is using seasonal ingredients which means eating produce at its best. And since it’s spring, why not focus on seasonal ingredients? Bananas, blood oranges, lemons, mangoes, pineapple, strawberries, and oranges are an excellent base for preparing the best cakes in spring.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, autumn (also known as fall) is here and apples, bananas, figs, lemons, lime, mandarins, mangoes, pears and oranges (Navel) are in season.
Discover our top 10 Italian cake recipes and make one right away!

Easy Orange cakeBest choc chip banana cake1.Easy orange cake
2.Best choc chip banana cake

Best apple upside down cakeTiramisù cake
3.Best apple upside down cake
4.Tiramisu cake

1. The world’s best Red Wine Chocolate CakeCarrot cake with mascarpone icing
5.Red wine chocolate cake
6.Carrot cake with mascarpone icing

Caramelized upside down pear cakePistachio and lemon cake
7.Caramelised upside-down pear cake
8.Pistachio and lemon cake
Easy almond cakeCoconut pineapple cake
9.Easy almond cake
10.Coconut pineapple cake




Happy cooking!

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