Pizzelle makers: Which one to buy in 2021/22

28 Jan 2020
Pizzelle makers: Which one to buy in 2021/22

If you are from an Italian background, chances are that your Nonna (grandmother) used to make or you have tried Pizzelle (also known as Ferratelle, Cancellate and Nevole), a waffle-like biscuit from the Italian regions of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. Pizzelle are most commonly flavoured with aniseed, vanilla or lemon zest and cooked by placing batter between two hot iron plates, almost like a waffle-style iron (known as ‘lu ferre’ in Italian).


Are you looking to maintain Nonna’s tradition or start a new one? You don’t need to have Nonna by your side to make the perfect Pizzelle every time. You just need two things including:

Pizzelle (Ferratelle)1. The most amazing Pizzelle (Ferratelle) recipe – Italian Spoon have it covered
2. A Pizzelle maker – Once again, we have done the hard work for you.

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Here is our guide to the top Pizzelle makers in 2021/22:

1. Pizzelle Maker- Non-Stick Electric Pizzelle Baker Press by Cucina Pro

Buy from Amazon (US) Buy from Amazon (Australia)


This Pizzelle Maker is not only great value but one of the best Pizzelle makers on the market.


✔Great non-stick surface and easy to clean

✔Makes two thin, 5 inch (12cm) round Pizzelle which is slightly larger than other brands and, in our opinion, is the perfect sizeCucinaPro makes crispy and delicious Pizzelle that look authentic with two beautiful, snowflake patterns

✔Only takes 30 seconds to cook however you won’t need to time it like in the old days as this iron has an indicator light that turns from yellow to green with an audible click once perfectly cooked

✔Non-stick plates allowing the Pizzelle to be easily removed from the plates without breaking. It also means you need to use less non-stick cooking sprays and is easy to clean

✔Extra thick baking plates for even heat distribution

✔Comes with a steam guard to protect hands from the heat

✔Features a steam guard to protects your hands from burning accidents


❌Makes 2 Pizzelle at a time however given that they are larger, this makes up for it

❌No capability to adjust the heat so keep an eye out

❌The cord is very short

❌Extra care required as the exterior gets very hot


2. Chef’sChoice Toscano Non-stick Pizzelle Maker

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If you want to make a big batch of Pizzelle, this product is for you. It cooks two pizzelle cookie in just 25 seconds.


✔Makes two thin, 4-3/4 inch (10cm) Pizzelle in less than 30 seconds

✔Makes more pizzelles in a short time

✔Non-stick cooking plates and consistent, evenly distributed heat

✔Instant temperature recovery (Pizzelle maker is always ready to bake)

✔Locking latch is ideal for uniform thickness and consistent cooking

✔Indicator lights to let you know when the Pizzelle are cooked

✔Can be stored upright


❌ Weak plastic lock latch

❌No functionality to adjust temperature

❌More expensive iron which cooks two Pizzelle


3. Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press

Buy from Amazon (US)


Cuisinart simplifies the art of cooking and the Pizzelle maker is no exception.

* Note: This Pizzelle Press is not available from Amazon Australia however can be shipped to Australia. Click ‘Buy from Amazon US’. To use American products in a foreign country, you have to purchase an adapter for that country.


✔Easy to use

✔Pizzelle press is very compact
✔ Makes two thin 4 inch (10cm) round snowflake-patterned Pizzelle in 60 seconds
✔ Great temperature control with five heat settings to cook Pizzelle just how you like them – light, golden brown or somewhere in between
✔ Features a ready-to-bake and ready-to-eat indicator light for consistency and saves you from timing
✔ Plates are non-stick allowing the Pizzelle to be easily removed from the plates without breaking. It also means you need to use less non-stick cooking sprays
✔ Makes a thin Pizzelle so you could roll Pizzelle while warm around a cone, allow to cool, then fill with your favourite topping
✔Comes with a measuring scoop to measure the perfect quantity of Pizzelle mixture


❌Latch on the front and exterior is hot to the touch

❌ Makes two Pizzelle at a time


4.Piccolo Pizzelle Baker by Cucina Pro – 100% Non-Stick

Buy from Amazon (US)  Buy from Amazon (Australia)


Piccolo Pizzelle Baker by Cucina Pro is great value for money and makes the cutest little Pizzelle.


✔Makes four mini, 3-1/4 (8cm) Pizzelle at a time with 2 beautiful patterns – they are guaranteed to be the cutest Pizzelle you have ever seen

✔Cooking plates are non-stick, meaning you need to use less non-stick cooking sprays

✔Ideal for entertaining as it makes more Pizzelle and fast

✔Features a steam guard to protect your hands from burning accidents

✔The plates are non-stick allowing the Pizzelle to be easily removed from the plates without breaking. It also means you need to use less non-stick cooking sprays

✔Stands upright with cord storage


❌ The Pizzelle are very small and it takes practice to apply the right amount of batter

❌ Uneven heat distribution and therefore uneven cooking of Pizzelle

❌ No functionality to adjust temperature


Whether you are searching for a modern Pizzelle maker with temperature control and non-stick plates or a traditional Pizzelle maker, just like Nonna has, there is the perfect Pizzelle maker for every budget and everyone’s taste! I know I make my Nonna proud when she taste’s Italian Spoon’s Pizzelle and now you can make them too!


Just as Australian homes are filled with small and large appliances from across the globe, the Pizzelle makers can also have non-Australian power plugs (or plugs that are not for use in the country you live in). Please direct enquiries about what plugs appliances come with to individual suppliers.

Australian consumer tips:

You can buy safe travel adaptors in Australia to suit the electricity systems of most countries. Before purchasing adaptors or chargers, check the plug pins are of an Australian configuration and have been approved for use in Australia.

Happy Cooking X

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