Panini with mortadella and provolone cheese

Serves Icon
Time 05 Minutes
  • 4 fresh bread rolls
  • 200g mortadella, thinly sliced (preferably “di Bologna”)
  • 8 thin slices provolone cheese

How to Make It
Step 1

Slice each roll in half. Layer the mortadella and cheese in the rolls.

Step 2

Top with bread tops and serve – buon appetito.

4 fresh bread rolls|200g mortadella, thinly sliced (preferably “di Bologna”)|8 thin slices provolone cheese

Vanessa Bottaro

Author, Founder and Creative Director at Italian Spoon
In my eyes, Italian cuisine is love on a plate.

Vanessa is Creative Director of the Italian Spoon website and Author of The Italian entertaining cookbook, a collection of home-style Italian recipes and tips for entertaining in true Italian-style. In addition to cooking and taking photographs, Vanessa writes the recipes and blogs to bring the love of Italian cooking to life! The collection of recipes and blogs on the website have been inspired by travels to Italy and desire to share what she has learnt from the great ‘Mamma’s and ‘Nonna’s in her life!

Vanessa is an entrepreneur and wife to husband Simone and the mother of two beautiful kids Dante and Mia. Even so she was born and lives in Melbourne Australia, Vanessa has a deep connection to Italy. Perhaps it is the food, or maybe it is because it is the place where Vanessa met the love of her life, Simone to whom she has been happily married for so many years.
Vanessa Bottaro

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